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Toy Tailor

Don't buy what you don't need.

Our quiz takes the guesswork out of what your child needs and when. We individually curate based on...

  • Interest

    We focus on the unique interests of your child

  • Age

    We ensure all toys are safety rated for your child's age

  • Motor skills

    We meet your child where they are in fine & gross motor development

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The perfect companions to encourage social, emotional and language development
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Who we are

We source curated, non-toxic toys from the best brands in the world. We help you buy less. And we're making an investment in local solutions that are better for the planet.

Our mission
  • Buy less

    Every child is different, needing different materials at different times. We're here to help you cut through the noise on fads and support you with timeless educational materials.

  • Buy higher quality

    We source the highest quality, heirloom-quality materials that can last a lifetime. And we work to offer these at the best prices.

  • Keep toys in use longer

    We've built incredible resources like play invitations to help you get more out of every toy and have robust programs for when you have outgrown your toys.

We believe the best solutions for circularity are local solutions

A note from Rachael, Founder & CEO

I founded Tiny Earth Toys a little over 3 years ago to solve one problem. I wanted to help help families and the planet by creating a solution to overconsumption, clutter, and waste.

Over this 3+ year journey, I have learned so much about circularity and our environmental impact. I'd love to share with you what we learned, where we're headed, and how you can continue support this mission.

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