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Our team of early childhood education experts has curated a selection of toys that will maximize the educational value for your little one at each stage of their development. Our toys are plastic-free, open-ended, and Montessori-inspired. We source them from primarily domestic and European manufacturers and prioritize safety in our selection.

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We support caregivers in getting the toys needed to support new skill development while keeping clutter from piling up by sending off the previous set to a new home. Plus, our toys are enjoyed 4-5x longer than those that are purchased outright, reducing your environmental impact.

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From real fams

"I can see Henry learning new skills every time we introduce a toy from our kit. The toys are beautiful and clearly well-made, so we enjoy having them in our home."

Greg is the proud dad of Henry in MA. Henry’s favorite toy is the Dancing Alligator!

"We were overwhelmed by the idea of a playroom full of toys, that only get used for a short period of time, and then sit and collect dust. Let alone, a playroom full of plastic. It is refreshing to find Tiny Earth Toys."

Laura is the proud mom of Grayson in NC. Grayson's favorite toy is the Rattle Tree!

"I love recommending Tiny Earth because we get so much value from the kits and it makes me happy to send them back and know other people will get to use them too."

Brit is the proud mom of Luca in NY. Luca's favorite toy is the Hammer Balls set.

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