A Q&A with Sid of Avocado Mattress

A Q&A with Sid of Avocado Mattress

Sidrah Althaus is a mother to Edison, and VP of Digital Marketing at Avocado.

Tell us who you are and what you do?

Hi, I’m Sidrah and I work alongside extremely talented folks here at Avocado, managing our digital marketing efforts. My team and I are tasked with bringing our company’s mission to the forefront of conscious consumers while increasing awareness of our sustainable, BCorp and organic certified products. Balancing this all across various marketing channels and stages of our customers’ journey. 

What inspired you to pursue a career in sustainability?

Honestly, it was pregnancy that pushed me to take a closer look at my habits across the board. From what I was eating to what I was wearing, buying, and ultimately what I was sleeping on. That is how I first discovered Avocado Green Mattress. At the time, Avocado had just launched and was featured in Consumer Reports as the #1 hybrid mattress for the first time. I did some more research and decided to join the team in pushing sustainability to the frontline of our industry. Instantly amazed by the mission of the company, watching it flow through everything we do, I knew more customers had to know about our products and sleeping safely on natural materials was not simply a luxury but a must-have.  

Do you have a little one in your life? How are you teaching them about caring for the planet?

I do! My son is four years old and very curious about the world around him. He asks a lot of questions that start with “what” and “why”. Most of my answers focus on the impact he can make throughout his day-to-day. For example: how to recycle and discard items properly, why garbage trucks are not just “cool trucks that pick up things” and why we should conserve water during bath time and playtime. That last one actually helps me with cleanup so it’s a win-win.  


Tell us about the Little Blue Planet book.
I learned about the campaign on my first day at Avocado. At the time, it was a surprise to me: why would a mattress company care about publishing a children’s book? Once you look through a few pages, it hits you: we are connected and we need to do better collectively. It speaks to the importance of adopting sustainable lifestyles, the ultimate price if we do not, and the difference we can make together. Very much akin to Avocado’s commitment to sustainability and doing our part. My favorite is the back of the book jacket. It’s hanging in Edison’s room. He’s not reading yet but the illustrations do the job. He will turn the lights off when he leaves his bedroom. He’s also the one to remember reusable grocery bags on our trips to the store. Toy donations, we are still working on that one... 
What is one thing our readers should consider when purchasing mattresses?

For mattresses, know your sleep patterns—back sleeper vs side and stomach?—this will help you determine what is going to work for you and help you get better sleep. Where the products are made is also important. Not all on the market are the same and transparency is not yet a standard in the mattress or bedding industry. We are striving to change that. With joining BCorp, we have a duty to communicate where our materials come from, where and how the mattresses are made as well as what goes into our products. Our priority in helping you get a healthier sleep.


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