Customer Spotlight: Rae Williams

Customer Spotlight: Rae Williams

Peter, Marcus, and Rae Williams live in Durham, NC.

We asked Rae a few questions about their first few months with Tiny Earth Toys! Read more from a customer who has been with us since our very first launch.

I subscribed our family to Tiny Earth as soon as we heard that their kits were available, back in March of 2021. My son, Marcus, was 20 months old at the time, so we went for the Haleakala Kit. I knew my little car fanatic was going to be pumped about the ramp racer, and I was excited to encourage his blossoming knowledge of colors and numbers with the beautiful coins and bowls set. 


We've been absolutely loving our Tiny Earth Toys so far! The educational guides have been so helpful in inviting my husband and me to feel included in the process of engaging with each new toy. Watching my kiddo interact with everything in the kit in new and exciting ways all the time has definitely sparked all of our imaginations in the way we play together. Plus, my minimalist husband is thrilled to see fewer toys scattered around our various play areas, too! 

We just recently exchanged our Haleakala Kit for a new one after about three months—when I got a reminder in my calendar to rotate all my sons toys, which I try to do quarterly. We love the idea of renting from Tiny Earth first and foremost for peace of mind, in that we know our family is getting access to the very best, premium quality (and beautiful, I must say!) toys that will engage and challenge our little one in the right ways at the right time.

Another benefit we weren’t necessarily expecting has been plugging into a broader community that believes in sharing and reuse to minimize environmental impact while reducing costs over time. We love everything this company is about and are thrilled to be a part of the Tiny Earth fam!

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Haleakala Kit | 20 - 24 months
starting at $35/mo
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