Drumroll Please ... Meet the Music Kit!

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Introducing our first Limited Release themed kit...The Music Kit! 

Why Music?

Children are instinctively musical and curious from the moment they are born. Music education helps us foster young childrens’ natural connection to music and is an important part of their overall development. In addition to being great fun, musical exploration with young ones can help stimulate hand-eye coordination, concentration, imagination, gross motor skills, fine motor skills and processing skills.

Music learning also fosters school readiness by supporting intellectual, social-emotional, language, and literacy learning. Successful singing and music development for your child will boost their overall physical, mental and cognitive health. As your child’s first music teacher, you can help them discover and think about how there is music and sound all around them. Here are some wonderful ways to incorporate musical play and learning into your time together.

The items in this kit were curated by early childhood music education expert, Mary Dawn Krege. The Music Kit will help your little one explore:

  • Playing instruments
  • Singing
  • Dancing
  • Learning to grasp musical concepts like rhythm and beat

Access the Music Kit here! And while you're waiting for it to arrive, ch
eck out Tiny Earth’s Music Kit playlist, curated just for you.

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How it Works:

The Music Kit is a limited release kit that's rented for 2-months at a time, then sent back using a prepaid return label. We have one recommended for young musicians between 18 - 36 months, and another for older ones 3+. For existing subscriptions, this kit is an add-on for $35 total and for those wanting to try it out as their first Tiny Earth kit it's a one-time payment of $69!