Celebrating Earth a little extra this month ...

Celebrating Earth a little extra this month ...

by Katelin Wheeler, Director of Marketing at Tiny Earth.

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Kicking off Earth Month with some reflection...

A little over 2 years ago I made a bet on a job. Today, the same thing is hitting me about our mission that did a few years ago when Rachael, our Founder & CEO pitched me on this rental concept. In a world that's always telling you—especially parents of young children—what you *must* have, we're saying you actually don't have to accumulate stuff. You're probably better off not to.


And guess what? Tiny Earth will help you not do that.

We'll help you live your values during a sometimes (read: lots of times) chaotic season of life. We're saying Hey, it's not your job to keep up with the latest-and-greatest in educational wooden toys. Let us do that! ...

We're a small and growing business that relies on memberships and gifts. We definitely want you to think of Tiny Earth for your expecting friends and family, for your little one's birthday, for a sustainable Easter basket idea (wink wink).

We want to keep turning this Tiny dream into a reality for more families across the U.S. until Tiny Earth is a household name—an obvious choice for anyone with young kids. A no-brainer for families looking to cut down on clutter and shift habits of overconsumption. 

Concerned about the environment? Boom, try renting!

Learning to shift your mindset around your relationship with the "stuff" around you will have a positive impact on you, and the tiny human(s) watching your every move.

We're a company that believes you know what's best for your child, or the little ones in your life. We're not here to tell you what you *need* to buy or what they *have* to have. Nope. We're here to support you in reducing clutter and stress. To offer access to incredible, fun toys for your family to love for a little while, then let go of to pass on to the next.

Two years ago I joined this company, and the rental revolution. And one year ago my husband and I were preparing to welcome our daughter. I couldn't possibly have known the impact our rental program would have on my personal parenting philosophy, my home, and my daughter's ability to learn through play.

What's coming?

This month we'll be focusing on the combination of responsibility, action, and joy that help us appreciate and celebrate the Earth. 


Join us as we explore ways that we can get children involved in sustainability efforts, ways that we can reduce plastics at home, and best of all, some of our favorite ways to enjoy nature with children.

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