Newborn Gift for the Holiday Season

Newborn Gift for the Holiday Season

Shopping for newborn gifts isn’t easy. After all, the tiniest members of our holiday lists can’t tell us exactly what they want! Because of this, you may be struggling with finding a useful gift for the newborn age range – as well as something that parents will love, too.

With this in mind, we’ve assembled a list of educational and thoughtful gifts that both baby and parent are sure to love. Keep scrolling for our newborn gift guide complete with Montessori-friendly, sustainable recommendations.

Newborn Gifts to Buy this Holiday Season


Image from Sprout Kids

Montessori shelf – starting at $119.00, Sprout

You may have previously checked out our guide discussing the benefits of Montessori shelves. As a brief refresher, these wooden shelves serve two purposes: they’re a means for organization, as well as a way for little ones to have access to the things they like best. Keeping a Montessori shelf in your baby’s nursery or room can develop an independent mindset early in life. In this particular example from Sprout, the shelves are also thoughtful in their manufacturing with eco-friendly materials top of mind. 


Image from Nienhuis

2. Montessori mirror – $153.00, Nienhuis 

Montessori methodology has made low-hanging mirrors like this a must-have for kids’ rooms or playrooms (and a perfect pick for newborn gifts!) As How We Montessori shows us, these mirrors promote independent movement by allowing little ones to watch themselves move around. When newborns get older, they can even use the wooden bar seen in Nienhuis’ product listing to stand up and walk besides the mirror.



3. Tiny Earth Toys subscription – starting at $35/month, Tiny Earth Toys

We couldn’t assemble this guide without mentioning our own toy kits, could we? 😉  Our age-specific, educator-curated toy subscription boxes put the power of sustainable play in your child’s hands. From mini kits including four toys to full kits with eight items, you can let your little one play responsibly until they’re ready for a new kit. Subscriptions can even be given as newborn gifts for the holidays.

As a bonus, we’re proud to exclusively source toys that are made from natural materials and are disinfectant-friendly. When kits are swapped out, all items are cleaned using Force of Nature sanitizer so you can rest assured that your child is receiving the safest products possible.


4. Black and white art cards – $12.95, Wee Gallery

We love this affordable newborn gift idea – so much that we actually include these art cards in our 0-4-month-old subscription kit! This nursery staple is great because children of this age love viewing black and white images. By doing so, they start to develop visual perception skills. Not only are these art carts educational and stimulating, but they’re made with natural materials backed by an eco-friendly small business.


Image from Hippy Monkey

5. Zero waste all-in-one kit – $52.00, Hippy Monkey 

Selecting holiday presents for infants can be hard because they really don’t require much. At the same time, this presents the perfect opportunity to pick something out for the parents! If you’re shopping with sustainability in mind, we recommend this zero waste all-in-one kit that will enable parents to kick off their eco-friendly journey. This kit includes a cutlery set, toothbrush, and other items that will help eliminate single-use plastics. Along with one of our newborn picks from this list, you’ll have an Earth-friendly gift ready to give.

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