Our Holiday Values

Our Holiday Values

As we approach the holidays, we’ve been reflecting on how Tiny Earth Toys can live our values in a season of overconsumption and overwhelm. 


Our values are what drive us. They represent the commitment we’ve made to each other and the communities that we serve. 


And this holiday season, we are finding ways to embrace our values in everything we do. We seek to be Family-First, Transparent, Inclusive and Intentional. In the spirit of transparency, I’d like to share how these values will impact our holiday operations and promotions. 


Instead of deep discounts that contribute to overconsumption, we will be focused on community giving initiatives, giving our employees meaningful time to connect with their loved ones and making renting and reuse super easy. 

Customer Commitments

  • Nominate a Family: We will engage our customers in making an impact in communities in need. You will have a chance to nominate a family to receive 6 months of educational toys. Details to come next week. 
  • Exchanges Made Easy: Every team member at Tiny Earth has been hard at work to improve our exchange process to save families time. Smoother exchanges, here we come! 

Employee Commitments 

  • Holiday PTO: We will empower our employees to spend meaningful time with their families by closing our offices on Thanksgiving, Black Friday and the entire week between Christmas and New Years. 
  • Volunteer Days: We will give employees paid opportunities to volunteer in our community. In November, we plan to walk dogs with a local animal shelter!

Planet Commitments 

  • Rental Over Ownership: We will be offering new customers the month of December free whey they prepay to make renting an even easier option this holiday. You can subscribe without paying while toys are wrapped and hidden. More details coming to your inbox (if you're a newsletter subscriber) next week. 
  • Reduced Consumption: Once the holiday excitement is over, we will make exchanging your toys in the new year super easy and pass your toys on to the next family. 

We’d love you to support Tiny Earth this holiday season. And we’d love you to keep our rental program in mind when you’re making your wish list or considering gifting for family and friends. 


But, we hope that if you do consider joining the rental revolution with Tiny Earth, that it helps you spend less time acquiring stuff, and more time with the people you love. 

As always, we are here if we can help. 




Rachael Classi 

Founder & CEO 
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