Our Top 10 Travel Toys

Our Top 10 Travel Toys

Traveling with your family this summer? Guess what, your rental kit can go with you! We recommend having a designated tote bag or basket for your travel toys. Here are some of our favorites for road-tripping or jet-setting with children of all ages:

  1. Pick-Up Sticks | 3 and up

  2. Fish Kaleidoscope | 18mo and up

  3. Mini Car Set | 3 and up

  4. Small Bus | 3 and up

  5. 3D Blocks | 18mo and up

  6. Dino Car | 12mo and up

  7. Shake n' Clap | 4mo and up

  8. Key Rattle | 4mo and up

  9. Shape Clutching Toy | 6mo and up

  10. Musical Eggs | 2 and up

Want to rent these toys? Get started here. Already a member? Request them in your next exchange! Happy summer and safe travels from your friends at Tiny Earth.

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