Small Changes | Lauren @ Rent-A-Romper

Small Changes | Lauren @ Rent-A-Romper

Small Changes is our Q&A Series with Women in Sustainability. The Tiny Earth Community believes strongly that small changes, over time, can lead to really meaningful impacts on our planet. This week, we spoke to a fellow startup Founder & CEO, Lauren Gregor.

Tell us who you are and what you do?
Lauren Gregor, Founder and CEO of Rent-a-Romper, a rental clothing company for babies and toddlers because they (out)grow so fast.

Do you have a little one in your life?
I have two boys, Bennett (7) and Avery (5).

What first got you interested in sustainability?
I have always loved the outdoors and being in nature. When I became a mom, I realized the responsibility I have to model behaviors and actions that do right by our planet. I want my kids and their grandkids generations over to have a planet where they can live and thrive. As my boys have grown, I have taken steps to become more sustainable. The biggest one has been starting Rent-a-Romper.

What is one thing our readers should think about when purchasing children's clothing?
When I think about clothing for children, I focus on only buying what we need. To do this, I think about what a typical week looks like for my kids for the next couple of seasons. Usually that looks like school, play, and the occasional nicer event. I then make a list of exactly what we need and purchase clothing that can be interchangeable and mix well so that way I need fewer items. I look for brands that will last through both of my boys. Now that Rent-a-Romper exists, I don't buy jackets or seasonal items—we just rent.

For guidance on how to clean your children's closet and plan for clothing purchases, visit our blog.

Favorite sustainable solution for climate change?
There are so many ways that I love. One that I am really enjoying today is the Buy Nothing groups on Facebook. There are groups for every neighborhood. Before you run to a store, or throw something away, you can post on the group and often people have what you are looking for. It is a really fun way to stay connected in your community and reduce waste. Recently, I had a small project at home where I wanted chalkboard paint. I posted and later that day, I was able to pick up paint a couple of blocks away to use and then return the rest later. No store, no money spent, no extra waste.


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