Small Changes | Liza @ Levi’s

Small Changes | Liza @ Levi’s

Small Changes is our Q&A Series with Women in Sustainability. The Tiny Earth Community believes strongly that small changes, over time, can lead to really meaningful impacts on our planet. This week, we spoke to Liza from Levi Strauss & Co.

Tell us who you are and what you do?

My name is Liza Schillo. I manage corporate sustainability integration at Levi Strauss & Co. My work centers on finding ways to lower our carbon footprint and integrate our business strategies with best practices for sustainability.

What first got you interested in sustainability?

I’m one of those who has had their plans made from age 5. For as long as I can remember, I have always known I would work in environmental protection. This stems from a childhood steeped in hiking trails, creeks full of salamanders, and grass for bare feet. I’ve always felt deeply connected to our natural environment and through my work I hope to curb our impact on the planet, so that the generations that follow us have access to the same clean air, clean water, and healthy environment we have enjoyed.

Do you have a little one in your life?

Yes I do! My niece. I’m not biased, but I think she might be the most perfect baby in the entire world. I love her more every day and can’t believe the thrill I get from being a doting aunt.

What is one thing our readers should think about when purchasing jeans?

If you can spare it, spend a little more time studying those product content labels. Go for the pair made from more sustainable materials (like organic cotton, recycled polyester, or Tencel). Note that drying your jeans in the dryer is not only energy intensive but it shortens the life of your jeans! And if they’re only $10, this should trigger a question in your mind similar to the one you might ask if you‘re considering a pound of meat on sale for only $0.75! Especially with denim, quality counts.

Favorite sustainable solution for climate change?

Riding my bike to avoid driving! You get exercise, you always get the best parking, it’s something fun that you and the little people in your life can do together, and you have a measurable impact on the atmosphere. You also set a good example for others. And when you’re caught in the rain, just laugh!


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