Why We Rent

Why We Rent

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Rent. Play. Return.

90% of children’s toys are made of plastic, used for less than 6 months and 80% end up in landfills, incinerators, or the ocean. Together we can change those statistics.

At Tiny Earth Toys, we’re setting out to change the world one rental at a time. We’re shifting the way that families think about ownership and consumption from the get-go. Babies grow (too fast!), and we created Tiny Earth to grow with them—and with your family without the environmental footprint typically associated with buying new things. 

We worked with an incredible veteran Montessori educator to select premium, heirloom-quality toys for our age-appropriate kits. Having fewer items in a child’s play space has proven benefits for both the child and the caregiver. With Tiny Earth Toys, you can rest easy knowing that your littlest loves have just the right items for the phase that they’re in. And once your child is ready for the next kit, we’re ready to help you with our easy exchange process. Hang on to what you want, swap what you’re ready to move on from!

Millennial parents are facing anxiety about their child’s milestones, about the environmental crisis, and about “stuff” piling up in their homes. We’re certainly not claiming that renting these incredible toys is the single solution to a mental health crisis, but we truly believe we have the power to alleviate significant stress.

We rent because we know we can help inspire families to make a change—a small shift that means we can keep more plastic out of landfills and love this planet longer. It’s a change that saves a family time worrying about what they “need” to have. Subscribing to Ting Earth Toys is a simple way to cut down on clutter and chaos in the home. And as we say, small changes lead to big impacts.

We’re thrilled with how our community of renting families is growing every day. And we’re just getting started.

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Kiss playroom clutter goodbye when you join Tiny Earth Toys. Our kits were made to grow with your little one. Toys and education guides catered to the stage your child is in. Plus, free rotations!
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