Why We Subscribe, from a Dad’s Perspective

Why We Subscribe, from a Dad’s Perspective


written by Kevin Deger

Kevin is one of our first Tiny Earth subscribers, and lives with his wife and 4 kids in Pittsburgh, PA. 

Their family subscribes to the Fam Kit—4 toys/month curated for each child’s age!

Why did you subscribe to tiny earth?

 I’ve always thought that most of what you buy as a new parent should be sold with an “anticipated life cycle” warning. You’re sold on the idea that you need it, which is usually debatable, but for how long, and what do you do with it after the useful window expires. Therefore, we have always loved the idea, especially as it relates to toys, and have seen first hand the concepts of getting more out of less – more imagination, more time spent, less demanding attitudes, certainly less clutter, etc


What do your kids love about it?

Frankly, we still have the clutter issue, and haven’t whittled down enough for them to get the most of it. However, they do take to the simplicity of the toys. It’s not about whether it’s Elsa or Anna, or Lightening McQueen, it’s simpler and more imaginative.


What do you love about it?

I love how nonspecific the items are, and the idea that they promote imagination. It seems much less materialistic than other toys our kids would otherwise ask for (if we went to Target, or, a family member asked what they want for their birthday).



What does your wife love about it?

The toys definitely fit her style, and what I think she’s aiming for in terms of the house and home that we’d like to eventually settle into. The fact that the toys are basic and allow for creativity, will have a life well beyond our kids, does something for stress of how hectic everyday life can be.


What was your fam spending money on for toys before TET?

Iced Coffee (half kidding) Back to the clutter concept, we may have put the cart in front of the horse here, but we decided to start with the TET model while telling ourselves that we’ll get rid of much of the stuff that we have. Still working on that. Point being, this comes with a goal of streamlining our lives, and financially speaking, we were loose with spending on the kids, so we’re looking for this to be net positive instead of an added expense.


Fave item?

 The peg people. No faces, different colors, simple.





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