Small Changes,
Big Impacts

We exist to empower our tiny citizens to save the planet

Rent Your Toys.
Reduce Your Footprint.

Our families are choosing to shift the paradigm of ownership and consumption to save planet Earth.


Average number of toys our families rent versus buy every year


Pounds of plastic per year per family diverted from landfills and the ocean
4 - 5 X

4 - 5 X

Our toys stay in use 4-5x longer than toys that are bought and donated or discarded


Minimum number of children our toys are made available to before retiring

Team Tiny Earth

Our team is a passionate group who believes their actions have the ability to change the world.
We are driven, empathetic, and committed to saving the planet.

Alexis Burnette

Warehouse Associate

It's exciting knowing what we do everyday contributes to building a better tomorrow for our children and planet.

Favorite Tiny Earth Toy:
Sign Language Tiles
Barry - Warehouse Associate
child on tricycle

Barry Percival

Warehouse Associate

I wanted to work for a place that believes in making the earth a better place, and there is no better place to start than items that impact children.

Favorite Tiny Earth Toy:
Stacking Coral Reef
catherine bhattachar
catherine baby pic

Catherine Bhattachar

VP of Operations

I love creating a new model for families that benefits little ones, their families, and the environment. Win, win, win.

Favorite Tiny Earth Toy:
Play Mat

Diego Bryan

Back End Engineer

I'm passionate about cultivating community around environmental sustainability. All while having fun.

Favorite Tiny Earth Toy:
Geo Stacking Rocks

Erin baby pic

Erin James

Customer Success Lead

I was immediately taken by the environmental values Tiny Earth stands for and I love making an impact on the interaction a customer has with us.

Favorite Tiny Earth Toy:
Earth Tiles

Gabrielle Kotkov

Marketing Manager

I'm passionate about early childhood education and Montessori, and am proud to help bring high-quality toys to families in a sustainable way.

Favorite Tiny Earth Toy: Perpetual Calendar

Jairo Campa Rendon

Quality Lead

Tiny Earth Toys values align with my passion for minimizing waste and making a big impact and I hope to enrich my life with more ideas on sustainability as I create my little homestead!

Favorite Tiny Earth Toy:
Juee Tendulkar

Juee Tendulkar

VP of Engineering

Being first and foremost a mom who is passionate about kids, this was a perfect combination of my personal and professional interests.

Favorite Tiny Earth Toy:
Eco Bricks
Katelin Resta Wheeler
Katelin baby pic

Katelin Wheeler

Director of Growth

I'm passionate about building community. It's really powerful to see people come together in the name of sustainable toy solutions.

Favorite Tiny Earth Toy:
Sorting Acorns

Logan Atkinson

Front End Engineer

It’s a gift to be able play a role in the creation of so many beautiful memories for our families, while making a meaningful impact in shaping a brighter future for us all.

Favorite Tiny Earth Toy:
Balancing Cactus

Olynda baby pic

Olynda Smith

Director of Education

Our work here combines many of my passions: child and parent wellbeing, early childhood learning, and living in harmony with the Earth!

Favorite Tiny Earth Toy:
Clever Cat Memo Game
Rachael Lambert Classi
Rachael baby

Rachael Classi

Founder, CEO

It is a dream to build Tiny Earth Toys and empower families to live a simple, sustainable and enriching life.

Favorite Tiny Earth Toy:
Weather Watch
Rod baby pic

Rod Hopkins

Warehouse Manager

I am passionate about providing kids with great new toys on a rotation which provides them with an exciting way to develop & learn.

Favorite Tiny Earth Toy:
3D Creative Stones