Less is More

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Rent Your Toys.
Reduce Your Footprint.

Our families are choosing to shift the paradigm of ownership and consumption to save planet Earth.


Average number of toys our families rent versus buy every year


Pounds of plastic per year per family diverted from landfills and the ocean
4 - 5x

4 - 5x

Our toys stay in use 4-5x longer than toys that are bought and donated or discarded


Minimum number of children our toys are made available to before retiring

Earth Day, Every Day

Week 1: Declutter

The first step to a new habit? Clear out the junk! All week we will focus on tips to declutter and there's a special surprise for donating your gently used toys to a community group in need.

Week 2: Sustainable Swaps

We love that small changes lead to big impacts. This week we are sharing our favorite sustainable swaps for single use plastics. And we have a VERY special partner who is going to help us out with a few gifts!

Week 3: Toy Hacks

Sometimes the best "toy" is something from your kitchen or something made from scraps you collected. This week our early childhood expert Olynda is sharing her favorite toy hacks. Because new is not always better! Follow us on social for more!

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Week 4: Spread the Impact

This final week we will be sharing the stories of our vendors, partners and friends to spread the love and impact of environmental action. We've also got a few tips for how you can include your little one and a final surprise for new members!