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We believe you should be able to live your values in early parenthood. Your membership allows you to live a life with less clutter, and more time for play.

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Set yourself up for success

It is hard to overstate the importance that the home environment has on our young children. The "environment", in this case, means everything your child comes into contact with - the toys, furniture, pictures, music etc.
Less is more

When little ones are overstimulated they often have a harder time listening and focusing and are more prone to melting down. This makes it very hard for them to build the essential skill of concentration at a pivotal time for developing it.

Declutter consciously

Limit or eliminate the number of high stimulation toys in your space. These are toys that beep and flash or play music. Prioritize toys that are either open ended or that target one skill acquisition. Open ended toys can be played with in many different ways.

Set up for independence

Organize your play space so that your little ones can easily access their toys on their own. Use low shelves so they can easily reach items.

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