What they need,
when they need it.

Data supports that fewer things, especially in your child's play space, leads to less overwhelm and stress for the whole family. As a new parent, it's natural to want the best for your little one! With your Tiny Earth rental membership, they can experience the best educator-approved toys on the market *just* when they need them.


toy rental

How it works

You pick your pricing plan and the right number of toys for your play space. We swap your set of toys every 2 months!
Pick your plan

Before the 2 month timeline arrives, we'll send you an email. From there, you can modify your box. We'll send your next set of toys before you send the previous kit back. No down time!

How exchanges work

You can keep renting toys, purchase toys from your current kit, and also have the option to reschedule your next shipment to a later date.

Why 2 months?

All plans are on a 2-month exchange cycle

Repetition is valuable

Having a brand new set of toys every week might seem like a great idea, the thrill of novelty comes at a cost. Children learn through repetition. Being able to do the same activity helps them build and refine skills.

Keep it fresh

We suggest using toy rotations to encourage engagement. A strong toy rotation practice will also cut down on clutter and keep your playroom humming with activity.

Team Earth

Part of our mission is to decrease the negative impact we parents have on the planet our children will inherit. Together, we are helping decrease demand for plastic toy production.

Pick your plan

Choose what works best for your fam
5 Toys
$39 bills monthly
Avg. kit value = $250
Swap toys every 60 days
8 Toys Most popular
$49 bills monthly
Avg. kit value = $368
Swap toys every 60 days
10 Toys
$59 bills monthly
Avg. kit value = $460
Swap toys every 60 days

Easy exchanges

We handle logistics so you can focus on the fun

You've got mail

You will receive an email letting you know your next kit is being prepared. Want to make changes? No prob.

Ding dong

Your new kit arrives before you send the previous one back. That means no down-time without toys!

Repack & Return

Drop off at your local FedEx or Walgreens using our *free* prepaid return label. Pro tip: store your box and original packaging for easy swaps.

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Interested in buying toys instead of renting? You can shop our library of educator-curated toys.

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