You handle the snuggles,
We'll take care of the toys.

To be clear, welcoming a tiny human is far more than just the snuggles...

But our Newborn Play Essentials has everything you need for the first 6+ months of educational play. Pro tip: less is more for your little one to develop those early foundational skills.

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Have *just* what you need

You've heard it a thousand times, they grow too fast! Well, their toys should grow with them. Why buy and store those items? Rent with us—your wallet and "spare" closet will thank you later...


newborn essentials

How it works

You pick your tier—starter, growth, or complete. And we handle the rest! Once your first 6 months is up, you'll roll into our membership plan and unlock exchanges every 2 months.
What's included?

Our Newborn Play Essentials Membership includes developmentally appropriate toys and caregiver support. Get just what you need to give your baby the best foundation for success. You will get: 8-14 toys, guides on how to introduce each toy, and information on how to set up your baby's first play space delivered right to your inbox.


Bills once every 6 months. Unlock your first exchange after the first 6 months, then every 2 months as their fine motor and gross motor development pace increases.

Why mobiles?

Each kit comes with a wooden play gym and 4 progressive mobiles. Studies show this set of toys to have a massive impact on your little one's brain development in the early days.

Little ones, big changes

It's not just coos and poos! Baby’s visual abilities will change rapidly in the first months of life.

Challenge but not overwhelm

We can assist their development by giving them items to look at that will give their eyes and brains a workout.

Mobile progression

We can support their discoveries by giving them visual stimulation in the way that they need it.

What happens when you graduate

Our membership grows with your little one. You hang on to your Newborn Essentials for the first 6 months!

You've got mail

Just before 6 months, you will unlock your next set of toys. Your membership will renew every 6 months!

Ding dong

Your new kit arrives before you send the previous one back. That means no down-time without toys!

Easy rotations

After you're out of the newborn stage (congrats, you!) you will unlock exchanges every 2 months.

How to introduce our newborn toys

In this article, we walk you through the core items in our newborn set and share ideas on how to introduce each item. Plus, what the research says about your child's development at this stage. 

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