Our Story

We exist to empower our tiny citizens to save the earth.

While pregnant with my second daughter, I was celebrating Easter with family and friends. My two year old was enraptured. The dyed eggs, the baskets and the candy were a triple whammy of fun. She walked away with seven easter baskets from well-meaning family and friends. Six ended up in the trash.

Fast forward a year and both my daughters were gifted subscription play and craft boxes. Our home became cluttered with a mountain of toys that, while thrilling for the short time they were developmentally appropriate, sat unused waiting for us to donate, regift, or discard.

We are consuming more than our planet can bear. And it has become clear that our patterns of consumption begin at birth.

So we are partnering with early childhood, sustainability and child behavior experts to create a circular subscription toy kit. We are taking an uncompromising approach to learning, ensuring every toy is thoughtfully selected to provide age appropriate development opportunities while changing the paradigm of ownership and consumption. We believe modeling sustainable behavior for our tiny citizens can be fun and full of learning while also saving our earth.

We hope you join us.

Rachael Classi - Founder & CEO