Our toys

Our library includes Montessori inspired toys, open ended toys, and more. All of which support early childhood learning by developing concentration, creativity, independence, connection, and other essential early skills.

Child powered

All our toys are “low stimulation” toys. They never have batteries or electric power of any kind. These toys support a child’s active concentration - an essential skill to build early in life.

Skill oriented

Many of our toys are skill oriented. This helps children discover and develop specific skills while having fun.

Open ended

If a toy isn’t skill oriented, it is likely one of our open ended toys. These toys can be played with in a variety of ways. They encourage creative thinking, problem solving and many other skills. With these toys the sky's the limit.

Fun and functional

We test all toys for fun and function, taking into account smaller hands and age appropriate motor skills. We make sure there is a “point of interest” to capture their attention and make learning fun. Toys that are fully functional and fun foster independence, resilience and confidence.

Naturally Beautiful

Our toys are primarily crafted from wood and other natural materials, not only because it is a win for the planet. By engaging with these materials children are encouraged to explore and absorb an understanding of harmony, order, and beauty from the world around them.