Good friends share good things

You can return to this page at any time to track your successful referrals or see upcoming milestone rewards!

Referral FAQs

How do I refer friends and earn rewards?

A successful referral has several steps:

- You join the list and confirm your email (this helps us reduce spam).

- You send the link to friends.

- They join the list and confirm their email.

Why don't I have as many friends here as I thought I had referred?

Someone may not be included in your referral count for a few reasons:

- They had already previously joined the waitlist.

- They did not complete the email verification step (this is to prevent spam).

- You may be in incognito mode. Use a normal browser and the link in your email to track your referrals on this page.

When will I get my rewards?

Our first production of Tiny Spaces this summer will be limited, but rewards will get first dibs on this first run. We will follow up this summer to ask for your shipping information to fulfill your rewards.