Safety & Care

Remove toys from packaging prior to introducing to children. Keep all packaging materials out of reach from children, and do not allow children to play with any packaging materials (including, but not limited to, any plastic bags or wrappers, which could present a suffocation hazard).

Some toys may require assembly prior to use. Responsible adults must assemble toys in accordance with the provided assembly instructions prior to introducing to children to ensure safe use.

Please inspect all toys each time before presenting toys to an infant or child. Toys need to be regularly assessed to ensure they are in good working condition and do not present hazards.

For toys with multiple components, please check all fasteners and fittings regularly to ensure they are properly tightened and aligned.

Please practice care and caution when using our educational material with a child.

Carefully review all labels and instructions included with each toy.

Adhere to the age label on each toy, including but not limited to for the purpose of ensuring small parts or other choking hazards are not introduced to children under 3 years old.

Children must be supervised by an adult during play and interaction with toys.

Supervise play on all blankets and play mats to avoid danger of suffocation. Keep play mats and blankets out of cribs, beds, carriages and playpens. These blankets and play mats are not toys.

Exercise particular caution with small parts, ropes, straps, cords, ribbons, strings and other strangulation or choking hazards that may be included with toys.

If you are unsure whether parts may pose a choking hazard to your child, consider using an approved small parts cylinder or similar testing device (not included / sold separately) to verify safety.

Immediately remove items from play that become damaged, broken, loose, chipped or in any way impaired.

Put toys safely away in storage or on a shelf when finished playing to prevent trips and falls.

For best performance, please do not expose toys to extreme temperatures and/or humidity.

Toys are finished with non-toxic additives, however, we still advise children not mouth them too much as they can break down the natural finishes. Finishes may include Beeswax and Jojoba Oil.

Prior to use, clean product with a damp cloth and allow to dry completely. Do not submerge or rinse these toys in water.