Environmental stewards come in all sizes

Research shows that habits and infant imitation begin as early as 14 months. By breaking the cycle of over-consumption and normalizing reuse of children’s toys, we can empower an entire generation to consume consciously.

Rent your toys

Reduce your footprint

Affluent overconsumption is a leading cause in the climate change crisis. We're committed to empowering families to embrace reuse and see minimized consumption at the household level is a key step in saving our planet.

Quality materials

We include ultra-premium wooden toys with a few silicone items for a reason. They are durable, sustainable, and do not contribute to the incredible amount of plastic waste that cannot be recycled and ends up in landfills, incinerators and the ocean.

Simple packaging

We intentionally ship our products in American-made recycled brown packaging and fill (with no added dyes and inks for fancy branding), 100% recyclable kraft tape and ask that our customers reuse their boxes when exchanging.

Intentional sourcing

We prioritize sourcing North American-made products to reduce carbon emissions from shipping. Currently, of our 12 brand partners, 5 are manufactured in North America, 3 in Eastern Europe, 3 in Asia and 1 in Central America.

Judgement free

We are on the journey towards conscious consumption and parenting with each of you. Every journey is unique and we respect the differences in every path.

Educator backed

Our products, learning content and materials are all vetted by and developed with early childhood educators who have built their careers educating children.

Continuous Improvement

Our journey as a business has just begun. We know there are strides we can make daily to improve our company’s business, environmental footprint and impact with families.

We're all in this together

Minimized consumption and reuse at the household level can slow climate change and is a key step towards saving our earth.
Less waste

Each of our families divert 78 pounds of plastic from landfills and the ocean

More joy

Our toys stay in use 4-5 times longer than toys that are purchased and donated or discarded