Toys for Babies

Newborn - 4 months

Your little one is changing around the clock during these first four months. Even if they seem like they are just lying around all day, they are actually learning and developing at an incredible speed. There is so much we can do to assist our littlest ones as they do this tremendous work. The items in this box are intended to help your baby encounter just the right elements to support them through these first months.

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See What’s Inside:

Organic Cotton Playmat is a cozy and high-contrast space to stimulate tactile exploration and tummy time
Bird Rattle supports hand eye coordination, auditory exploration & palmar grip
Crinkle Toy supports grasping, auditory and tactile exploration during tummy time
The high-contrast Munari Mobile supports visual development and tracking for newborns
Octahedron Mobile support color differentiation and visual tracking for babies 5 week - 2 months
The Gobbi Mobile supports color gradation and visual tracking for babies 2 - 5 months
The High Contrast Art Cards support visual perception and stimulation
The Activity Pad support tactile exploration during tummy time with multiple shapes, colors and textures
The Bell Rattle supports palmar grip, hand eye coordination, purposeful grasping and auditory exploration
The Taggy Ball supports gross motor skills, cause and effect reasoning and tactile exploration
The Educational Play Guide includes supports for caregivers