The Haleakala Kit

20 - 24 months

As your little one grows, they are working hard to figure out how the world works. Skillfully exposing them to the foundations of all academic areas will support them as they work to unravel the mysteries of the world around them.

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See What’s Inside:

The Kaleidoscope supports visual exploration, imaginative play and concentration
The Twisting Cubes supports matching, gross motor skills and hand eye coordination
The Geo Matching Blocks support shape recognition, matching, sorting, hand eye coordination and fine motor skills
The Rainbow Wagon supports gross motor skills, coordination, fine motor skills and imaginative play
The Ramp Racer supports visual tracking, fine motor skills, cause and effect reasoning and balance
The Rainbow supports sorting and stacking skills, balance, size discrimination, fine motor skills, language: small, smaller, smallest
The Solid Drum supports coordination, concentration, auditory exploration and gross motor skills
The Flower Push supports gross motor skills, balance and stability
The Sort & Count supports sorting, matching, organization, order, color recognition, counting and stacking
The Elephant Puzzle supports size discrimination, hand eye coordination and imaginative play
The Whale Puzzle supports size discrimination, hand eye coordination and imaginative play
The Lawnmower supports gross motor skills, balance, coordination and movement
The Educational Play Guide includes supports for caregivers

How it Works


We curate and ship toys for your child based on their age and any preferences you include at check-out. After check-out, look out for an email about how to set up an ideal play environment so you’re all set when the kit arrives!


You’ll receive each kit with everything you need, including learning guides for parents, play invitations on how to maximize each toy, and a prepaid shipping label for when you are ready to exchange.


When you’re ready (every 8-16 weeks), fill out our exchange form to exchange for a new set of toys. So there’s no downtime without toys, use the prepaid label to send back your kit after receiving the new one.