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Breastfeeding 101

Breastfeeding 101

Breastfeeding is a learned skill, and our experts will walk you through it!
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By NurturedNest

We will cover the breastfeeding basics and more, so you can feed your baby with peace and confidence. We address the biomechanics of lactation (what’s going on in there, anyway?), hunger cues, latch, common issues, pumping, and how to supplement with formula, donor milk, or stored milk if needed.

We also talk through some of the complicated cultural understanding (and misunderstanding) around breastfeeding and pumping. 

This content is great for first-time moms, but it’s just as useful for moms going through childbirth again. Remember--just like children, no two feeding journeys are alike.

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What you'll learn

  • The anatomy & science of breastfeeding
  • How to prepare your mind & body for the changes, challenges, and joys that come with breastfeeding
  • Initiate breastfeeding after birth
  • Safely and successfully breastfeed your baby
  • Navigate challenges related to breastfeeding
  • Travel confidently with baby while breastfeeding
  • Supplement with formula, donor milk, or stored milk
  • Wean without pain
  • Choose breastfeeding gear that works for you
  • Implement strategies for grown-up self-care during breastfeeding
  • Seek help from trusted sources when needed

Meet the educators

Courtney M. Miller, RN, BSN, IBCLC, Founder of The Better Boob Lactation Courtney earned her Bachelors of Science in Nursing from the University of Kentucky in Lexington Kentucky in 2015. She worked as a registered nurse in the adult ICU for 2.5 years before making the switch to Mother-Baby and Labor and Delivery where she spent another 2 years.  Her passion for breastfeeding began after giving birth to her son in March 2019, and quickly realizing there wasn’t enough readily-available breastfeeding education and support. She became an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant in 2020 and worked as a LC on a postpartum unit in a hospital. Courtney then founded The Better Boob Lactation. Now she says she has found her calling of helping moms and their families along their breastfeeding journey! Courtney regularly uses her personal breastfeeding experience, along with evidence-based research, to help educate and support the families she works alongside. Courtney enjoys hiking and traveling with her husband, two boys and dog. She enjoys doing Barre workouts and you can always find her at Target with a Starbucks in hand!

Course format

How is the class presented?

We use a combination of on-demand video, audio, and print files.

This course fully self-paced allowing you to learn on your own schedule. It's divided into chapters enabling you to pause and return as needed.

Why on-demand?

Because adult's brains are similar to a muscle, they need alternating periods of rest and recovery to synthesize new ideas and concepts. When learners receive information in short chunks, rest, reflect, then return is how adults learn best.

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  • Expert led

    Content created by top-notch parenting experts paired with medical professionals–the kind who eat, sleep, and breathe their field of study. Access their years of collective experience & expertise.

  • On demand

    Watch and learn on your schedule through our online portal. Classes are broken into short chapters so you control the pace. Revisit all of the content at any time. Adults learn best when they are able to rest, reflect, and return to the material.

  • Engaging

    Created by a team of adult learning experts, videographers, and designers to bring you engaging on-demand classes combining video, audio, and print.

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Why we're fans of

Nurtured Nest

Parenting is a learned skill: why not learn from the best, on your own schedule? Nurtured Nest classes integrate up-to-date birth and parenting research, cutting-edge adult learning practices, and engaging expert educators, ensuring parents are ready to take on each new adventure in building their family.

Parents, professionals, educators

Nurtured Nest pairs medical professionals, parenting experts, and top notch educators ensuring classes evidence-based, informative, professional, & engaging


Love in instinctual, parenting is not. Taking a parenting class is not a reflection on your ability—in fact it’s the opposite. Nurtured Nest opens a collective sum of experience and knowledge to navigate the overwhelm and demand of parenting,

Learn at your own pace

It's busy being a parent. On demand classes allow you to learn on your own terms when and where ever you choose. You're also able to return to the content to rewatch at your leisure.

An equitable approach

They're aware learners come from diverse cultural backgrounds and strive to ensure BIPOC, LGBTQI+, adoptive, & single parents all feel seen, valued, and represented in their materials and course content.