3 Things We Changed After Seeing Our Dollhouse

Catherine Bhattachar COO sitting with the dollhouse

After we saw the first sample this past week, we made a few tweaks! 

Hey, it's Catherine again, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer at Tiny Earth Toys. 

We have been working quickly with a talented team of engineers and toy designers to reimagine dollhouses and create our Tiny Space dollhouse. We’re committed to getting it to families in time for Christmas!

This past week, we got to see the first Tiny Space prototype. It was amazing to see our modular dollhouse come to life just a few months after thinking about the idea. And, we are already making improvements. 


Here are the 3 changes we made this past week to the Tiny Space based on playing with the prototype:


1. Roof structure

When Rachael and I talked to parents about their current dollhouses, we heard that they wanted dollhouses to be fun to play with for a long time, and easy to store pieces when they weren’t in use. 

When we held the prototype’s roof in our hands, we realized that the large black wooden pyramid pictured above would be much too heavy and bulky. It would need to be shipped to families pre-built, so it would be expensive to ship and could break in the process. Then, it would be difficult for families to take the roof on and off of the house and make space to store it. 

So, we switched it up to something lighter, airier, easier to store, and with more space to play! 

Here’s version 2 of the dollhouse roof structure. It's two pieces that slot together for easy installation and removal when a family wants to change up their Tiny Space to be the Car Garage, the Castle, or something else. We are still tweaking the geometry and considering color, but it’s better already!

2. Accessories

We selected the first set of furniture and dolls to go with our Tiny Space. We wanted a modern but cozy look to match the overall Tiny Space design. 

We have added standard furniture for a typical American home, plus some fun accessories. For example, our kitchen will have a coffee bar with tiny mugs, and the newly redesigned rooftop has room for some outdoor living furniture! Stay tuned for other surprise details... 

3. Vehicles

There was still plenty of room left on the bottom floor after we selected all of the initial accessories. So, we realized that our Tiny Space was missing a vehicle, and that the bottom floor could be used as a garage! We have added a car that can fit four of our dolls and increase the play value of the set.

This is not the final version, but it's a starting point. 


We are going to continue to improve on these designs until we make the best dollhouse ever. Have thoughts or feedback? We would love to hear it! Drop us a line by reaching out via our Contact page here.

If you haven’t joined the waitlist for our modular dollhouse that turns into everything from a castle to a car garage, and ultimately a bookshelf when kids outgrow it, now’s the time to secure your spot for our first production! 

Plus, after joining the waitlist you’ll get a link to share with others to earn a free Tiny Space.

Thank you to our entire community for helping us create something new and reduce toy waste by keeping toys in use. We're so excited for Tiny Spaces! 


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