Small Changes | Nicole @ Nike

Small Changes | Nicole @ Nike

Small Changes is our Q&A Series with Women in Sustainability. The Tiny Earth Community believes strongly that small changes, over time, can lead to really meaningful impacts on our planet. Our first guest is Nicole! Let’s dive in.

Tell us who you are and what you do?

Hi! My name is Nicole April and I am currently Nike's Sustainable Manufacturing and Sourcing Policy Manager. Over at Nike, I help manage our sustainable policies and governance structures related to social and environmental issues. Key examples of that are our Code of Conduct and Code Leadership Standards.

Every supplier factory that makes products for NIKE, Inc. must meet a rigorous set of compliance requirements. Nike’s Code of Conduct lays out the minimum standards we expect each factory or facility to meet. Our Code includes standards related to hiring practices, wages, freedom of association, and health and safety. Check out Purpose's website to learn more.

Beyond work, I love to backpack, bake, and snuggle up at a campfire with loved ones. Nothing makes me happier than spending time outside.

What first got you interested in sustainability?

I have been interested in sustainability since I was a little girl, it all started for a love of wildlife fact cards, nature shows, hiking, and a dream of saving endangered species. One day when I was packing up our childhood house, I found a time capsule from when I was in 6th grade that said when I grew up I wanted to be an environmental lawyer. Although I may not be in the courtroom arguing the matters of environmental issues, I am definitely in the boardroom advocating for the need of environmental and social regulations. It is amazing how an embedded passion can create a true north and live on to form your life's purpose. 

Do you have a little one in your life?

I do! A beautiful 11-month old baby, Iris. She is spunky, endlessly curious and full of energy. Our days were changed forever when we held her in our arms. We cannot wait to continue to discover who she is and see who she becomes.

What is one thing our readers should consider when purchasing shoes?

Use the search function sustainable materials to find all the most sustainably minded shoes and apparel on your favorite brands website. If that function doesn't exist, write your favorite brands and advocate for it! There is someone on the other line waiting for your business case to effect change and state "our consumers are demanding this". Build that demand!

Favorite sustainable solution for climate change?

I am constantly trying to find ways to live a less impactful lifestyle. My most recent discovery was joining a subscription called, Ridwell. It is a subscription recycling service for items that will not be collected in your curb recycling. For example, things like batteries, light bulbs, plastic film and used clothing! In addition, they do a rotating feature every two weeks for items like children's books to electronics, and partner with nonprofits to find good, responsible homes. I love this service because it helps me to consistently purge and live a minimal lifestyle, all while knowing it is being properly disposed of. For an easy additional $12/month, this was a no-brainer life choice. 


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