the future is local

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we're focused on keeping toys in use and out of landfills

Tiny Earth Toy Swaps

We're hiring Community Managers across the country to facilitate in real life toy swaps!

Classroom Wishlists

Donate toys to your local childcare centers and school, who can create a wishlist for items they need.

Buy-Sell-Trade Group

Join us on Facebook to buy, sell, and trade your Tiny Earth Toys when your fam is ready.

Tiny Earth Toy Swap

Ever wish you could rotate all your toys all at once? Now you can. We're hosting the nation's largest toy swap in cities across the United States.

  1. Our team of new Community Managers will be hosting a toy swap in February to clean out your toy clutter.
  2. Bring gently loved toys that your family is no longer needing.
  3. Swap for age-appropriate toys that are ready for a new home!
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Classroom Wishlists

Childcare centers across the US are facing a crisis. Soaring costs, limited federal support and inflation are constricting their ability to operate.

Many centers desperately need access to quality materials. We're building a massive wishlist for childcare providers to indicate what they need and facilitate donations to the places that need them most.

Build a wishlist Donate to a wishlist

Buy, sell, trade

For starters, we invite you to join our trusted and verified community on Facebook where you can post to buy, sell, and trade your Tiny Earth Toys when the timing is right for your fam.

Let's keep more toys in use and out of landfills together.

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Sustainability at scale is hard.

We knew it wouldn't be easy when we launched in 2020—we've learned so much about how to close the loop and divert plastic from landfills. The future is local. Thanks for being a really important part of our mission.

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