The early years are vital

Whether you are looking at brain development, life-long health outcomes or educational success, research is clear - the most impactful time in a child’s life is early childhood. Experiences in a child’s earliest years have clear links to education, social and emotional health, economic productivity and more. There simply isn’t a more important time for a person’s education and wellbeing than the first six years of life. 
You matter

How adults interact with the children in their care is extremely important for early learning and development. While we provide wonderful, educationally rich toys, we believe they're no match for the power of your presence and interactions. Because of this all of our plans provide extensive caregiver support resources including parent coaching.

Being with children is a skill

Guiding young children as they develop confidence, independence, curiosity, basic academic foundations and other essential skills is not always intuitive. Our educational parent support content helps to take the guesswork out of the "best practices" for learning what works best in your home.

The playspace

Our educational partner at home is the home learning area itself! The toys provide their greatest rewards in an environment that is conducive for learning. Don't know where to begin? Don't worry, our resources can help guide you in creating and maintaining the optimal space in your home for learning and play.

Beyond ABCs

Our educational philosophy is reflected in every toy we send to our members. Often educational toys are associated with letters and numbers, but essential learning during early childhood goes beyond these academic areas. We believe it's crucial to support children in developing active concentration and executive thinking skills.

Montessori at heart
All of our parent/caregiver support materials help you weave Montessori practices into your home learning environments. We bring you usable tips and tools that have been tested for over a century, internationally, in hundreds of Montessori schools. One pillar of Montessori pedagogy is the term “follow the child”. We will always encourage you to take what works for your family through observing your children to see what is working for them! 

Age based

learning guides

These quick reads support in-home learning and positive connection through play. They are written by a Certified Montessori teacher and are organized by age. As always, we encourage you to follow the child. Find the topic that is most relevant in your home right now and enjoy!

Learning Guides