How to Plan a Donating Day!

How to Plan a Donating Day!

Declutter Your Home with this Family Friendly Ritual

Spring is the perfect time to plan a donating day that the entire family can be a part of! 

A donating day is a day set aside for editing the things in your home, choosing what to keep and what to give away, and for moving those things out of your home by donating them to a local organization, thrift store or shelter. A donating day helps declutter your home while teaching your children the value of giving, sharing and reusing. 

And now is the time to do it! First, because the dust has settled from many of the big gifting holidays, making it the perfect time to clear out things that have been replaced with newly gifted favorites. And second, because the spring equinox is right around the corner! After some intentional decluttering early this season, you’ll be ready for a thorough spring cleaning.

Plan Your Donating Day:

  1. Pick a Date: You’re going to want a full day blocked off for this undertaking, but you’ll probably be done in time for an early dinner. 

  2. Decide Where Your Donations Are Going: Women’s shelters, veteran’s groups, Habitat for Humanity, community centers and libraries are all great places to research in your area. Thrift stores that support local nonprofits are also available in most communities. 

  3. Get Your Kids Excited: Introduce the idea to your kids a few days before your planned donating day. Explain what a donating day is and why your family has decided to plan one. Then share a few resources with your kids that help further explain the concept. There is a fantastic episode of Rosie’s Rules that illustrates a donating day, and there are lots of picture books that articulate the value of sharing what we have with others. I’ve included a few of my favorites below. 

  4. Make a Plan: Decide which rooms and/or spaces will be included in your edit. It’s okay to start small! For example, if tackling the entire playroom feels daunting, start with one section - books or craft supplies or puzzles. Create an age appropriate list, like this one, to help your family stay on track during your donating day. 

  5. Set Yourself Up for Success: Start saving medium sized cardboard boxes early - one for each family member. This tangible boundary will help kids feel safe knowing that they don’t have to donate more than can fit into one box. 

When your donating day rolls around, start off with a hearty breakfast and review the plan, then get to work! Play some music, offer snacks and water frequently, and enjoy your new family ritual. 

Looking for other great ways to declutter your home and increase circularity? Try planning a neighborhood toy swap like the ones being planned by Tiny Earth Toys or find a Little Free Library near you! 

Reading List:

Out and About: A Tale of Giving, Liza Wiemer (Author)/Margeaux Lucas (Illustrator)

Give, Jen Arena (Author)/ Rahele Jomepour Bell (Illustrator)

The Spiffiest Giant in Town, Julia Donaldson (Author) /Axel Scheffler (Illustrator)

Harold Loves His Woolly Hat, Vern Kousky (Author)


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